Welcome, 2019 Vendors!

Welcome to the 2019 Anchorage Pride Festival! 

A final booth placement map will be emailed out before June 29.

There are over 170 vendors participating in this year’s event. Identity and the Pride committee thank each of you in advance for helping make this year’s Anchorage Pride Fest a success.

Where Do You Go?

Anchorage Pride Festival will take place from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at Delaney Park Strip (located between 9th  and 10th at the corner of E Street).  Parking is available on 10th Avenue.

Please be mindful if you are parking in front of someone’s house and make sure to check No Parking signage.

Arrival and Set-Up

Vendors may begin booth set-up at 8 a.m. and are required to have all vehicles off the grass by 11 a.m. Because there are over 170 vendors attending this year, we request each organization arrive early to ensure they are able to meet this goal.

There will be Pride Volunteers to assist your company/organization with locating your assigned booth on the morning of the event. Each vendor booth will be clearly marked to ensure you have located the right place.

Food Vendors

In order to adhere to the Alaska Fire and Safety requirements, all food vendors using any kind of source of heat must comply with the following regulations. A Fire Inspector will be on the premises the morning of the festival to verify the requirements are satisfied. Each food vendor must be setup for inspection prior to 10:30 am.

No food vendor will be permitted to enter the park strip after the Anchorage Fire Inspector has left the premise. No refunds for failed inspections or no shows. Please remember to bring any food or special permits.

Open Flame Cooking are required be locate a minimum of 20 feet from tents or canopies

Propane Grills are required to have at least a 10 foot gas connection hose to provide a minimum 10 feet of separation between the flame on the grill and the propane bottle.  Propane bottles are to be secured against tipping.  Also to be noted is the placement of K-class FE fire extinguishers where cooking will produce grease laden vapors.

Extinguishers: Min. 2A10BC size w/ current state license tags; Placed at <150’ O.C.

Generators are obligated be 20 feet from tents or canopies and isolated from contact by the public via a fence or barricade. Additional fuel for generators has to be secured and separated from the generator and not located near tents or canopies.

Fire hazards: Propane heaters or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat cannot be used or stored in tents. Canopies/tents to be labeled Flame Retardant thru out

Food Truck are required to have Anchorage Municipality Certification sticker in window of vehicle.

We Will Provide You With…

  • Two chairs and one table only
    • This will be located at your designated spot prior to arriving.
    • We will NOT have booth tents, or tent pieces, to provide you.
  • If you signed up for electricity, outlets will be placed near your booth area.
    • Please bring an extension cord (20 feet or longer), as we will not have extras to provide you.

Break Down

Beginning at 5 p.m., the Pride Volunteers will begin collecting all tables and chairs.

Please have your area cleaned and items removed no later than 5:30 pm. Each vendor is responsible for disposal of their trash and recycling. There will be three dumpsters and recycling bins nearby to assist you with trash disposal. Please be mindful and leave your designated spot the way you found it.

Emergency Procedures

Pride Festival are meant to be fun. We also want to ensure the safety of the spectators and the volunteers. We have included the emergency procedures for your safety. Please read and print the emergency procedures and contacts. 


If you have any questions or are unable to view the attached PDF. Please email Justin Zagorski: Anchoragepridevendor@gmail.com  or Shelby Wilson: electricstream@hotmail.com

We’ll see you at the Anchorage Pride Festival!

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